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JoinWe appreciate you taking the time to visit If you are a "For Sale by Owner" on one of the beautiful islands of Hawaii then is the right place for you. is owned and operated by Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc., which provides a multitude of "fee-for-service" as well as "full-service" programs tailored to the unique and varying needs of each individual situation. Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. believes that home sellers should have choices beyond the traditional choice of "list or don't list?" Our "For Sale By Owner" program is one of these delightfully refreshing new choices. When you order the "For Sale By Owner" program you pay us an annual fee of $500.00 (plus any admin fees if required) at the time of signing up.


Within 24 hours your property gets listed in the Multiple Listing Service as well as many Internet sites for the term of one year, thus reaching thousands of potential buyers. You've just saved thousands of dollars with one small $500 investment!!! Also, should you need us for further assistance at any time during the sale of your home our menu of services is also available, allowing you to pay for only what you need (Consult with licensed real estate brokers and agents). Other companies offering to list your property in the MLS do not give you the same level of exposure, nor do they offer the ability to consult with a broker whose expertise encompasses years in the industry personally handling thousands of transactions. " Nathalie Mullinix was top agent/broker for transactions in the entire state of Hawaii" as quoted by Hawaii Business Magazine June 2008 averaging over 80 million a year in sales. Top 1% in  country for over 25+ year span.  We are a full service brokerage capable of handling any additional needs. Another fact is that these other companies only list your property in the MLS for your particular island; however there are actually three MLS systems in the state of Hawaii. We list your property in two if you are on Oahu or the Big Island and on all three if your property is on Molokai, Maui, or Lanai!!! We will match any competitors offer - compare apples to apples and you will see that there is no comparison!!!

We've made signing up with the "For Sale By Owner" program quicker and easier than ever before!!! When you click one of the "sign-up" links found on this page you are immediately taken to our secure server for credit card processing. From there you will be asked to fill out our standard online forms describing your property as well as an agreement giving us permission to place you into the multiple listing service & Internet sites. You may cancel at anytime. Within 24 hours of completing the online forms your listing will be up and running!!! Download a copy of the agreement for your records and simply scan and email to or fax the agreement to 808-261-0568. It's that easy!!! You may also mail the agreement to:

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.
1888 Kalakaua Ave. #C312

Honolulu, HI 96815

Our program allows you to post up to 36 photos depending on the location of your property, that will be seen on the MLS as well as on our affiliated real estate sites. You may email your photos in JPG format to or send the actual photographs to the address above. When you sign up online, you may also upload the photos yourself immediately.. There's no need to crop the photos or worry about pixel size when emailing photos. Our staff will ensure that they reach the public looking great!!! As an added bonus, your property will go into's enhanced listing program. This gives additional photos, text copy, banner advertising, and a whole lot more!!!



As an added bonus, when you order the "For Sale By Owner" program you will also receive the FSBO Kit package (a $129.00 value) at no additional cost. The free FSBO Kit package includes a downloadable version of our "For Sale By Owner" Workshop kit written by Nathalie Mullinix as well as 30 days of free email consulting with trained real estate professionals. The For Sale By Owner Workshop is designed to give you the skills and tools necessary to sell your home for TOP dollar while saving thousands in the process!!! Chapters in the e-book include valuable information on pricing, marketing, financing, qualifying, contracts, negotiating, settlement, and much more!!! REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. (parent company) understands that selling your home can be a daunting task, especially selling as a for Sale by Owner. It is for that reason that we have included both the e-book as well as free email consulting when you sign up with our "For Sale By Owner" program. We know that with a full 30 days of email consulting you will gain insight as well as peace of mind knowing that trained real estate professionals are on call waiting to answer any and all of your real estate questions. All of this for just a one-time upfront investment of 500 dollars!!! Too good to be true? Not at all!!! Take advantage of this wonderful program today!

Buyer Rebate program

Our Menu of Services

Since we are a full service brokerage you have the benefit of using our services should the need arise. This way you are not alone, yet you are not obligated to pay for full service upfront when you are able to be involved in your sale under our "for sale by owner" program. Join in with us on our tele-seminars in the comfort of your own home to learn the process of selling your home this way.

LOOK at our "MENU" of Services: [download pdf format]

Have a buyer without an agent or attorney?
No problem- choose "contract preparation" for a small fee of $500.00. Need to consult- choose "hourly consulting."

Need comparable sales, but do not want to bother your friend who is an agent since you will not be listing with them?
No problem- our office will send you comps for a small fee of $50.00 (there are free sites for this information... Our comps are from the MLS). We used to offer this for free... surely you can see how our admin department would be doing nothing else all day. These programs are set up to be a win/win situation for everyone. Selling your home by yourself is not difficult, although it can be time consuming- yes, there are definitely items that need to be handled by the experts in the business- title work, insurances, appraisals, negotiating, etc. This way you set up a team with you, yet still keep the majority of your equity for your family, investments and life!!! Issues may arise that we can advise you on quickly after years of experience to avert the problem, fix the challenge- No problem- just set up a consult or e-mail and we will focus in on the issue at hand. Negotiating and contracts are important aspects of the transaction that are best handled by the pros if you need us- we are here!!!

There are many sites today offering MLS for a fee, but do they offer you a complete real estate menu that allows you to customize the process, save thousands, and yet not be totally alone? We were the first company to forge the way by offering these programs in Hawaii. The road was long and it was a very expensive undertaking to change the views of many in the real estate community who had never heard of MLS for fee and fee for service programs. Since our inception, a multitude of companies have followed suit, but we remain the largest by offering the highest level of customer satisfaction, expertise, and flexibility. Our track record is proven. 80-90% of our business comes from repeat business and referrals from past clients. Our founder is still actively involved in selling and keeping up on real estate changes, and will consult with you as well. Having someone with years of experience in all aspects of real estate It is like having an encyclopedia to pull from when a problem arises. If we do not have the answer, we will surely know where to find it. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started and see your dreams come true!!!

What's included with the $500 FSBO Program?

When you sign up with the "For Sale By Owner" program your property is listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for multiple Hawaiian islands. What many people do not know is that there are three separate MLS systems that handle the Hawaiian islands. Instead of only listing your property in one system we list in multiple systems!!! Your property will be listed in the Oahu MLS as well as the Big Island MLS. Maui only allows "on-island" listings but if your property happens to be on Maui you will be listed on the Maui MLS as well as the other two. The Multiple Listing Service is a must when you need to sell your home quickly and effectively for the highest and best price possible.

In addition to the MLS, your property is placed on multiple real estate Internet sites, thus giving worldwide exposure to your property!!! Having your property listing on the Internet allows people from all over the world to view your home. Whether they are looking for a vacation home or possibly relocating to the islands, you want your listing within their grasp. By signing up with the "For Sale By Owner" program you automatically get listed on all of these sites without having to fill out extra forms or pay subscription fees! By being in the MLS you can now also take advantage of, and's enhanced listing program, an amazing advertising resource available only to properties listed in the MLS. The real estate sites your property will be listed on are: - - - - - - - - - - - - - as well as if your property is on Maui, Molokai, or Lanai.

(Disclaimer: Your property is listed on many Internet sites, but we have no control of the sites that we do not own and cannot be responsible if some sites are down, etc. Your property is syndicated to hundreds of sites, but due to the nature of the Internet we must disclaim that we are not liable for your listing on additional syndicated sites.)

As an added bonus, when you list your property with the "For Sale By Owner" program you are entitled to free weekly open house advertisements on and the MLS  until your home sells!!! Normally this would cost you a minimum of $150.00+ every Sunday if you wanted to advertise that you were having an open house. With the "For Sale By Owner" program you simply let us know when you want your opens to be and we take care of getting your property into the papers and the MLS at no cost to you!!!

Generate more views of your home with YouTube! is quickly becoming one of the most viewed sites on the internet. You too can take advantage of the huge marketing potential YouTube has to offer simply by sending us up to 25 still photographs of your home. Our technicians will turn those photographs into a seamless Youtube video which will air on our YouTube page as well as in YouTube search results. Click here to see a current example. If you already have a video and would like it posted to our YouTube page click here. To order our service including photo processing click here.

Photos should be submitted in standard .JPG format. Ensure they are of reasonable resolution.  We can work with images as small as 280x150, but images around 1024x768 or 640x480 are ideal. Please don't send us photographs that are more than 1.5MB in file size.

To submit a finished walk through video we can use to promote your property, just send us a Quicktime Compatible .MOV file at a standard TV resolution that is under 11 minutes in length. We specifically recommend the MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format at 640x480 resolution with MP3 audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions frequently asked by individuals inquiring about the "For Sale By Owner" Program. We want to be able to answer any question you may have regarding either the program or REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. If you read through our list of frequently asked questions and still do not have an answer to your question please feel free to give us a toll-free call at 866-808-6368 or email and our staff will be happy to answer your question.

Question: What if I start off with the "For Sale by Owner" program and later want to switch to a different program?

Answer: Our Company handles full service listings as well as fee for service. Switching programs is easily handled. If you later switch to one of our full service programs we refund your original $500.00 at closing by reducing the commission by $500.00. If you switch to a referred affiliate broker/agent referred by us you receive your $500 reduction at closing as well.

Question: What if I am doing the "For Sale by Owner" program and occasionally have questions?

Answer: You may e-mail us questions and have them answered at no charge. Send e-mail to

Question: What if I want to handle all of my own showings but would like a trained professional to handle the contracts and closing?

Answer: There are several options available but you would most likely want to sign up with our 1% program (1% of sales price- $2500.00 minimum). If you only need the contracts written there would be a fee of $500.00.

Question: What is a Transaction Coordinator?

Answer: A transaction coordinator is responsible for maintaining the escrow closing process and completing all tasks assigned during the normal transaction process of the Broker and/or Agent. Our Transaction Coordinator provides you with a timeline keeping track of all dates, ordering inspections, from contract to close. We are not representing either party but making sure that no dates are missed. Communicates with all parties including escrow, lender, and agents.
Transaction Coordinator

Question: What is included in the one percent program?

Answer: This includes preparing contracts, arranging inspections, following up on feedback from showings, appraisal issues, negotiations, handling all details from contract to closing-commission paid at closing.

Question: Once I sign up with the "For Sale by Owner" program, how long before my listing will show on the Internet?

Answer: Your listing will be processed and shown on the MLS & the Internet sites within 24 hours, 7 days a week. It takes a little longer than 24 hours to show up on some of the Internet
sites since your listing is propagated to these sites.

Question: Does my telephone number show in the multiple listing service?

Answer: Yes. We place your information in the private remarks of the listing. This means that agents are able to call you directly to schedule appointments. Your information is not put in the public remarks section because the mls rules and regulations prohibit this. 
Your contact information is also listed on & with your MLS numbers for easy access.

Question: How long is my property listed?

Answer: For a term of one year from listing activation date (The date the listing goes live in the MLS.)

Question: I am a seller going over the agreement giving you permission to list my property in the MLS. I do not understand the last paragraph that says to check off yes or no in regards to you advertising my property.

Answer: Our company runs additional advertising on full listings and also runs spot ads on properties. If you check yes, you are giving us permission to advertise your property alongside our full listings at no additional cost to you. This is in addition to all of the exposure you are already receiving with the "for sale by owner program". If we bring a buyer from this additional advertising, your only cost is what you are offering to agents/brokers as a coop/courtesy fee. There are no additional monies due our company.

Question: What if I allow you to run additional spot ads at no cost to me and the buyer already has an agent?

Answer: We receive no compensation or commission.

Question: If I check off yes to your company advertising my property and you produce a buyer from that advertising, does this mean I have to pay 6%?

Answer: No, only whatever percentage you are offering other brokers. 3% or whatever amount you decide up front.

Question: How do we sign up with the program?

Answer: Simply click one of the signup links found on this page. Once you purchase the "For Sale by Owner" program you will be able to download the required forms as well as an instruction sheet.

Question: What if I don't want to sign-up online?

Answer: You may e-mail us at or call 808-261-0350(Oahu) 808-661-4466(Maui) 808-327-4466(Big Island) 808-826-9100(Kauai) 866-808-6368(Toll-free) all other islands. A representative will immediately contact you. You may pay by phone 808-261-0350, or fax to 808-261-0568. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover. We will then immediately fax, e-mail, or mail you all required forms. We also accept checks if you prefer. Mail to: Waikiki Landmark Building, 1888 Kalakaua Ave. #C312, Honolulu,
HI. 96815

Question: Do you offer signs?

Yes. Under our 1% percent program up to Full Service there is no additional cost for signs. Under our $500 “For Sale By Owner” program there is a $100 fee per sign of which you receive a $50 credit upon return.

Question: How many photos can I post?

Answer: You can post up to 36 photos depending on which island your property is located. Hawaii Information allows up to 25 photos; the Maui Board MLS up to 30 photos; Oahu MLS up to 20 photos and allows up to 36 photos .
If you only have a couple and want to add more later that is fine.

Question: What if I want to make changes to the listing after it is inputted into the MLS and all web sites?

Answer: You may make changes at any time at no additional cost.  We only ask that you e-mail, fax or mail the changes so we have them in writing to avoid any discrepancies.
Changes are made within 48 hours of receipt.

Question: What if I want to list a property in another state? Can you handle it for me?

Answer: Our brokerage, Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. can assist you in Hawaii and Maryland as far as any representation or MLS input. As far as the other 48 states we
have affiliates that are members of REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. which can assist you and offer you the same programs. These affiliates are licensed through the real estate commission
in their respective state under either their own brokerage or a company brokerage.

Question: What if I only need hourly service on an as needed basis?

Answer: You are able to pay a consulting fee on an hourly basis.

Our "MENU" programs are customized for you individually giving you the flexibility to design your own program. Our consultants will gladly walk you through the program- and if you only need us occasionally- that is fine!!!

Question: Hi, I was reading the faq section and there is a question about what commission I would owe if your firm finds me a buyer. The answer is 3% or whatever you are
offering to another  buyer's broker. Is it customary for the seller to pay a commission to the listing broker if they are selling the property themselves?
Doesn't this sort of defeat the purpose of doing for sale by owner?

- Joanne -

Answer: Aloha Joanne,

That is a great question!!! If you sell your property yourself, and you find the buyer, we give you an exclusion and no additional commission is due.  We recommend that you offer other agents/brokers 3%, but the amount is up to you. We cannot put -0- in the MLS. We offer to run spot ads at no additional cost to you outside of the "for sale by owner" program. This is where we would receive a full service traditional commission if we bring a buyer. (you can opt to have us do this or not) We also have our own clients which your home may be perfect for. (In this situation we would be representing you as our client and the buyer would be a customer) Since we run ads for our full service listings we offer to run spot ads. The market has changed drastically- exposure is key- so when you use our "for sale by owner" program you receive maximum exposure, as well as agent exposure- while saving on the listing side. Plus we are here if you need us on an "as needed basis." Pricing is key in this market- this program gives you the flexibility to lower your price and end up with a better bottom line figure if you have the time to handle the showings, etc. The cost of $500 upfront to get into the mls is so small compared to the exposure and print advertising which is not working well these days, not to mention isn't cheap. Have a wonderful week!!!

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.

Is your question not listed here? Please e-mail or call us and we will answer your question immediately.


Buyer Rebate Program

Our buyer rebate program gives you the opportunity to receive up to 2% of the sales price to be used towards your closing costs or off of the purchase price. (Credit at closing) We make sure the credit works with your lender if you are obtaining a loan. There are many ways to do this and we are experts at it.

Example: Cost of home is $500,000. Commission paid to cooperating/buyer broker 3% of sales price = $15,000
You receive $10,000 to use as a rebate, towards closing or anyway you'd like.

The way that it works is you receive credit for your efforts- like sweat equity- imagine you are building a house and the builder allows you to put in the bathrooms yourself or paint, items you are comfortable doing- and in lieu of this you receive credits off of the price. Well this is similar- you receive the credit for doing part of the work. In today's world with the Internet it is so easy for you to be involved.

O.K. you ask "What next, what do I have to do?"

1-You sign an agreement to commit to purchase through us or one of our member/affiliates. (Certain restrictions may apply)

2-You are set up on an automatic prospecting system & access to IDX internet sites which show you all listings for sale from all companies which are multiple listed.

3-You go to open houses and search for the properties available. We give you a buyers kit to assist and help you narrow down your search.

4-Once you find the property of choice you contact your assigned agent/broker- they write the offer, handle all of the negotiations and steps from contract to closing or settlement, including, but not limited to assisting you with financing options, inspections, and full agency representation.

What if I want you the agent or broker to handle more in reference to finding us properties? No problem, you can go under our 1% program where you receive up to 1% of the sales price to use towards your credit. Once explained most buyers opt for the 2% buyer rebate program, once you see how easy it is.

If you purchase a listing that is listed through us or the brokerage you are assigned to the agency may differ, but not your credit- all of this will be explained to you in full detail before you sign the buyer broker contract to start on the program.

For more information and to get started sign up at (Find an Agent in Your area- buyer rebate program) or call us with detailed contact information and we will contact you. (please let us know what location you are interested in purchasing in- please include city, county and state.)

We look forward to working with you!!! Isn't it time for you to receive a benefit credit for your efforts? Most buyers are searching the Internet these days and tell their agent about the property they are interested in before the agent informs them.

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.
1888 Kalakaua Ave. #C312
Honolulu, HI 96815

Toll Free: 866-808-6368
Oahu: 261-0350
Big Island: 327-4466
Maui: 661-4466
Kauai: 826-9100


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Did you know that Hawaii has three different MLS systems, one for Oahu, one for the Big Island and Kauai, and yet another for Maui, Molokai, and Lanai? Our competitors only list your property in the MLS for your island. Buyers are always relocating to neighbor islands so in order to get the most exposure we list your property in both the Big Island MLS and Oahu MLS. If your property happens to be on Maui, Molokai, or Lanai, your property will also be listed in the Maui MLS thus giving you the exposure of all three systems!!! We have found from feedback and research that many people type in Hawaii in an Internet search instead of various islands first. Having your property listed in the additional MLS systems makes a difference. Since we are a full service brokerage you also have the comfort of knowing that we are here should you need additional services.


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